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  1. Epitaxially Grown Silicon Nanowires with a Gold Molecular Adhesion Layer for Core/Shell Structures with Compact Mie and Plasmon Resonances

  2. Omega-Gate Silicon Nanowire Geometric Diodes with Reconfigurable Self-Switching Operation and THz Rectification

  3. Optical Nonlinearity in Silicon Nanowires Enabled by Bound States in the Continuum

  4. Identifying a ‘Raoult’s Law’ Relationship to Modulate the Stoichiometry of Hybrid Perovskite Films by Amino-Deliquescence/Efflorescence in Mixed Amine Vapors

  5. Multi-Electron Transfer at H-Terminated p-Si Electrolyte Interfaces: Large Photovoltages under Inversion Conditions

  6. Influence of Geometry on Quasi-Ballistic Behavior in Silicon Nanowire Geometric Diodes

  7. In Situ Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry (ATR-IR-SEC) for the Characterization of Molecular Redox Processes on Surface-Proximal Doped Silicon ATR Crystal Working Electrodes

  8. Water splitting with silicon p–i–n superlattices suspended in solution

  9. Research Briefings | Designer Silicon Nanowires Produce Hydrogen from Water and Light

  10. Synthesis and Surface Attachment of Molecular Re(I) Complexes Supported by Functionalized Bipyridyl Ligands

  11. Aqueous Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction to CO and Methanol over a Silicon Photocathode Functionalized with a Cobalt Phthalocyanine Molecular Catalyst

  12. Reconfigurable Complementary and Combinational Logic Based on Monolithic and Single-Crystalline Al-Si Heterostructures

  13. Monolithic and Single-Crystalline Aluminum–Silicon Heterostructures

  14. Unveiling the complex configurational landscape of the intralayer cavities in a crystalline carbon nitride

  15. Influence of Surface and Structural Variations in Donor–Acceptor–Donor Sensitizers on Photoelectrocatalytic Water Splitting

  16. Lithographically Patterning Hybrid Perovskite Single Crystals by Surface-Engineered Amino-Deliquescence/Efflorescence

  17. Amino-deliquescence and Amino-efflorescence of Methylammonium Lead Iodide

  18. Electrostatic Tip Effects in Scanning Probe Microscopy of Nanostructures

  19. Enabling Aqueous NiO Photocathodes by Passivating Surface Sites that Facilitate Proton-Coupled Charge Transfer
  20. Organic Chromophores Designed for Hole Injection into Wide-Band-Gap Metal Oxides for Solar Fuel Applications
  21. Remote nongenetic optical modulation of neuronal activity using fuzzy graphene
  22. Abrupt degenerately-doped silicon nanowire tunnel junctions
  23. Ratcheting Quasi-ballistic Electrons in Silicon Geometric Diodes at Room Temperature
  24. Semi-transparent, Flexible, and Electrically Conductive Silicon Mesh by Capillarity-driven Welding of Vapor-liquid-solid-grown Nanowires over Large Areas
  25. Cation Effects in p-Type Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
  26. Geometric Nanophotonics: Light Management in Single Nanowires through Morphology
  27. Observation of Phonon Propagation in Germanium Nanowires Using Femtosecond Pump–Probe Microscopy
  28. Optical Bound States in the Continuum with Nanowire Geometric Superlattices
  29. Solvent-Engineered Stress in Nanoscale Materials
  30. Tuning Electroluminescence from a Plasmonic Cavity-Coupled Silicon Light Source
  31. Interplay of Surface Recombination and Diode Geometry for the Performance of Axial p-i-n Nanowire Solar Cells
  32. Mie-Coupled Bound Guided States in Nanowire Geometric Superlattices
  33. Self-Catalyzed Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Lead Halide Nanowires and Conversion to Hybrid Perovskites
  34. Enhancement of Light Absorption in Silicon Nanowire Photovoltaic Devices with Dielectric and Metallic Grating Structures
  35. Mapping Free Carriers in Multijunction Silicon Nanowires Using Infrared Near-Field Optical Microscopy
  36. Nature Nanotechnology News and Views -- Optoelectronics: Letting Photons out of the Gate
  37. Encoding Highly Non-Equilibrium Boron Concentrations and Abrupt Morphology in P-Type/N-Type Silicon Nanowire Superlattices
  38. Interfacial Electron Transfer Yields in Dye-Sensitized NiO Photocathodes Correlated to Excited-State Dipole Orientation of Ruthenium Chromophores
  39. Probing Intrawire, Interwire, and Diameter-Dependent Variations in Silicon Nanowire Surface Trap Density with Pump–Probe Microscopy
  40. Material Informatics Driven Design and Experimental Validation of Lead Titanate as an Aqueous Solar Photocathode
  41. Designing Morphology in Epitaxial Silicon Nanowires: The Role of Gold, Surface Chemistry, and Phosphorus Doping
  42. All-in-one Derivatized Tandem p+n-Silicon-SnO2/TiO2 Water Splitting Photoelectrochemical Cell
  43. Barrierless Switching between a Liquid and Superheated Solid Catalyst during Nanowire Growth
  44. Capillarity-Driven Welding of Semiconductor Nanowires for Crystalline and Electrically Ohmic Junctions
  45. Passivation of Nickel Vacancy Defects in Nickel Oxide Solar Cells by Targeted Atomic Deposition of Boron
  46. Chemically Engraving Semiconductor Nanowires: Using Three-Dimensional Nanoscale Morphology to Encode Functionality from the Bottom Up
  47. Site-Selective Passivation of Defects in NiO Solar Photocathodes by Targeted Atomic Deposition
  48. Understanding the Vapor-Liquid-Solid Mechanism of Si Nanowire Growth and Doping to Synthetically Encode Precise Nanoscale Morphology

  49. Designing Plasmon-Enhanced Thermochromic Films Using a Vanadium Dioxide Nanoparticle Elastomeric Composite
  50. Imaging Spatial Variations in the Dissipation and Transport of Thermal Energy within Individual Silicon Nanowires Using Ultrafast Microscopy
  51. Compositionally-Tunable Mechanochemical Synthesis of ZnxCo3-xO4 Nanoparticles for Mesoporous p-Type Photocathodes
  52. Doubling Absorption in Nanowire Solar Cells with Dielectric Shell Optical Antennas
  53. Encoding Abrupt and Uniform Dopant Profiles in Vapor-Liquid-Solid Nanowires by Suppressing the Reservoir Effect of the Liquid Catalyst
  54. Sensitized Zinc Cobalt Oxide Spinel P-type Photoelectrodes
  55. Reversible Strain-Induced Electron-Hole Recombination in Silicon Nanowires Observed with Femtosecond Pump-Probe Microscopy
  56. Waveguide Scattering Microscopy for Dark-Field Imaging and Spectroscopy of Photonic Nanostructures
  57. Hierarchically-Structured NiO Nanoplatelets as Mesoscale p-Type Photocathodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  58. Imaging Charge Separation and Carrier Recombination in Nanowire p-i-n Junctions Using Ultrafast Microscopy
  59. Identifying Crystallization and Incorporation Limited Regimes During Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Si Nanowires
  60. Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Individual Silicon Nanowires: Characterization of Diameter-Dependent Carrier Lifetime and Surface Recombination with Pump-Probe Microscopy
  61. Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of Silicon Nanowire Ensembles: The Impact of Geometrical Heterogeneity on Charge Carrier Lifetime
  62. Synthetically Encoding 10-nm Morphology in Silicon Nanowires
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